Kabi Raj Lama

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2009 ネパール カトマンズ大学卒業

2012 明星大学芸術学部デザイン科びて助手を務め、版画、リトグラフ、木版画を学ぶ。

2014 明星大学芸術学部デザイン科 卒業

2009 シッダールタギャラリーにて個展。

2013 MOギャラリーにて、かじともやと展覧会を開催。

2014 コラボレーションプロジェクト 井口久美とコラボレーション。

2014 瞻百堂画廊にて、3人展を開催。



Kabi Raj Lama  is a printmaker and visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. A graduate of the Kathmandu University’s Center for Art and Design, Lama moved to Japan in 2011 to study woodcut and lithography at Meisei University in Tokyo. Lama has held several  solo and group exhibitions in Nepal and abroad Recently, he was an artist in resident at  Steindruk Munichen (March – April, 2016) and the Guanlan Printmaking Forum (April – June, 2016). Lama’s works have been collected in Nepal, Japan, Germany, China among other countries.


Tsunami Series reminisce about my four years experience in Japan. It is created during the residency at KCAC with a great energy that I have resumed, coming back to Nepal.

To work within limited resources is a challenge that constrains your choices but it hones your skill to create better art with the mediums available. I chose woodcut (the other technique I mastered at Meisei University) as a medium of expression to portray, the post- tsunami montage fabricated in my mind, through ink on traditional Lokta paper.

Contrary to action printing series, working with woodcut was rather meditative and demanding. It fulfilled my desire of dedicating all of my time on creative pursues. Working in this style revived tendencies that reflects my younger independent attitude

Motifs engraved for printing in this series are inspired by the tsunami wreck havoc and Fukushima radiation effect that destroyed cities, took away uncountable life both in land and seas. To witness and live through these catastrophes was a huge undertake. Every single image printed here resonate the tragedy, its after-effect and the collective spirit of Japan to reconstruct life anew.


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