In 2012, under the theme of 'SORA: THE SKY', we organize the fifth exhibition at Fukushima Airport to wish for recovery from the disaster. The students of Fukushima University and the young artists based in this region initiated our Biennale. While we introduce latest various art works (for example, painting, sculpture, craftwork, installation, video art and performance), provide opportunities to appeal to all generations and to exchange respective opinions among the participants. In conclusion, our Biennale will be good occasion that create the new vales full of energy and enthusiasm for the people residing in Fukushima after the disaster.




11th August

10:00 Opening Reception / 13:00 Symposium (at airport building)

12th August

11:00-11:30 Calligraphy Performance by Seiran CHIBA (at airport park)
13:00-16:00 Workshop "Visualized Sky: representing the sky in mind" by Go-jing maru HAYASHI (at airport building) 17:00-18:30 Sunset Dance Workshop by UNITED BROTHERS & DAS INSTITUT (at airport park)


18th August

10:00-16:00 Outdoor Music Event: DANCE MUSIC FUKUSHIMA 2012 "FESTIVAL FUKUSHIMA!"


19th August

Sound Dance Performance by BCD (Eiichi Tosaki, Tetsuroh Konishi and Samiya Hanasaki) (at airport park)
Guitar and bass guitar duo HERRENBERG (at airport building)


26th August

Cosplay Art Stage “COS-MATRIX” by ADVENTURES PROJECT (at airport building and park)


15th September

Explanation and demonstration of "Open Sky M-02J" by Kazuhiko Hachiya (at apron area)
18:00-20:00 Workshop “GO FLIGHT AIRSHIP” by Go-jing maru Hayashi


16th September

11:00-18:00 Dance Performance by Yoshito Ohno, Nobuyoshi Asai and Hirokazu Tategata
(music by Nobuyuki Ochiai, design by Koichi Watanabe) (at airportpark)
Post-Performance Talk: Atsushi Tanigawa (aesthetician)


Every Sunday
Guidance (at airport building and park)

Let’s respond to “Sky Music” by Yoko Ono and depict the sky!
"KOI-ART-NOBORI" (at airport building)
"KOI-ART-NOBORI" by NAUSICAA: rebroadcast from France
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